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Warhammer 40k art is the best!

Warhammer 40k art is the best!

I really enjoy Warhammer 40k art it brings something to the table no other genre does.

If you like following artist who create art from the Warhammer 40k universe than you are probably already following joazzz on DeviantArt. He does a great job porting, and coming up with new creations for the Warhammer 40k universe through the use, and creation of 3D models.

If you are more interested in the 3D models than simply viewing his creations than head on over to Facepunch. I’ll eventually get around to creating some 3D renderings myself with the models he has already released for public use.

When I share my renderings you will be able to find them here, and at http://www.md5live.com/

I will not be creating the renders in GMOD as originally intended. I will be using Blender. Remember to checkout joazzz’s DeviantArt page. Enjoy your day guys!

Warhammer vehicles