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Warhammer 40k art is the best!

Warhammer 40k art is the best!

I really enjoy Warhammer 40k art it brings something to the table no other genre does.

If you like following artist who create art from the Warhammer 40k universe than you are probably already following joazzz on DeviantArt. He does a great job porting, and coming up with new creations for the Warhammer 40k universe through the use, and creation of 3D models.

If you are more interested in the 3D models than simply viewing his creations than head on over to Facepunch. I’ll eventually get around to creating some 3D renderings myself with the models he has already released for public use.

When I share my renderings you will be able to find them here, and at http://www.md5live.com/

I will not be creating the renders in GMOD as originally intended. I will be using Blender. Remember to checkout joazzz’s DeviantArt page. Enjoy your day guys!

Warhammer vehicles

What is DeviantArt?

What is DeviantArt?

DeviantArt Logo
DeviantArt Logo

DeviantArt is a nice website where people can go and share the artwork they create whether it be digital or not.

Lets define “Deviant”: “departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior.” – Google Definition Lookup

That is probably the reason DeviantArt hosts more than just cars, and drawings, but adult art as well. No intercourse shots are posted, but naked shots showing off the beauty of the body are accepted.

We don’t think Art needs an explanation, it is what you make of it.

Here is one shot we found on the Photography section:

By: http://stephanie-van-rijn.deviantart.com/
By: http://stephanie-van-rijn.deviantart.com/

That is quite a seductive shot, but we think that is the point of it.

DeviantArt is home to more than just these kinds of shots. Here is a quick example list of things you will find on DeviantArt and more:

  • GIF Animations
  • 3D Art
  • Photoshop Images
  • Hand Drawings
  • Stories
  • Pixel Art
  • Animal Shots
  • Anime
  • Plus much more!

dlprentice the author, and editor of this site has a DeviantArt account. http://dlprentice.deviantart.com/

Make Some Money

Some artist even use DeviantArt to make a living sell their artwork! That is right you can sell your artwork on DeviantArt as prints, and charge whatever you feel it is worth. Granted it has to be a certain size, and whether it sells or not is just a good a guess as any.

Based upon just browsing around the DeviantArt shop you can expect prices to be on average around $50 give or take $10. This just just a super rough estimate with some art being far less, and some art being far more.

We really hope you enjoyed this short, and sweet article regarding this website, and hope that you will share this article, and provide a link back it is much appreciated!