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Creating digital art with industry software

Creating digital art with industry software

Digital Art 1
Created using Maxon’s Cinema4D software.

Digital Art created using Maxon’s Cinema4D software.

Creating digital art is well… an art! The definition of this is open to interpretation because if you create art with Photoshop you could call it “Digital Art”. Same applies to creating art with a 3D authoring software such as Cinema4D.

Generally though “Digital Art” is accepted as anything created using a computer. Whether that be in Photoshop or in a 3D software it is all considered Digital Art.

Here we will list the most popular companies that sell software that is used to create digital art:

When thinking of companies that product great products that are not free we think of the above companies. If your wanting to take the free approach than the below programs or companies are right for you!:

Note: We do not include a ton of programs on this list because the programs we do include are considered the best at what they do for being free.

  • GIMP – Photoshop Free Alternative
  • Paint.NET – Photoshop Free Alternative
  • Blender – Free 3D Software (Considered The Best)
  • Wings3D – Free 3D Software (Polygon Modelling Only)
  • Sculptris – Free 3D Sculpting Software

That is pretty much it for free software alternatives to the mainstream softwares currently available that are worth looking at. Others are out on the internet floating around that are likely worth a look at, but we have not discovered them yet.

Digital art is an interesting beast to tame, and whichever software you choose to create your art as long as you’re happy, and the software does what you want without making you scream at your computer then you should be alright. Most of the time you can get the mainstream paid versions of software for free through trials that you can just keep re-downloading unless the software requires a login.

In any case we wish you luck on your digital art endeavours!