Battle Engine Aquila

Battle Engine Aquila

Massive War Game

Battle Engine Aquila

Of all the games I ever played back in the day BEA takes the cake. This game captivated me brought me into a world of war (which is always cool in games). The first thing that got my attention was the massive scale of the battles while heavily scripted they really make you feel like your fighting for the good of your people.  Having to fight hundreds upon hundreds of units with your battle engine you feel like a powerful war lord but your not alone. You have also hundreds upon hundreds of units on your side to help fight the battle on land, air, and sea. Beach assaults, base defense, boss battles this game has everything I enjoy I in a great massive battle war game. The types of units you will encounter vary greatly, some are weaker some are stronger, but you can usually bet they will be in numbers and if your not careful you will find yourself in a pinch in a hurry. I really do hope a sequel comes out one day but it is not likely due to the fact the original team is no longer together and creating a community sequel could have issues with using the same. Regardless I’ve thought about heading the project myself in the future as I gather more knowledge in various programs such as Unity 3D, Cinema 4D, and Photoshop. These three programs together can create great games. Time to get back on track the game once you complete is actually not over. Just like in Starfox when you defeat the boss at the end without doing any of the secret paths you don’t really win, but instead will be left with a feeling of what did I miss? Their are alternative endings for the game, and other bosses to fight to truly beat your enemy. These alternative missions usually require you to complete a mission with a certain rank usually S it is very clear though by looking through the mission log since you can reply missions that you have missed something because sometimes a mission will have two possible outcomes. Choosing to not do the alternative missions means yes you win and feel like you beat the game but you really did not so get back to it soldier! Battle Engine Aquila will and has always earned a place on my shelf and must have’s and must play’s.

Battle Engine Aquila PreviewIf you would like to purchase battle engine aquila it does not cost much as is available on Amazon for cheap.

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