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So here at Dengan I David Prentice have been posting a lot of League of Legends gameplay videos on our YouTube channel. While I feel absolutely great that the views are surely but slowly coming I feel like I can do better. I’ve recently mastered the art of rendering my videos to MP4 without so much of a performance hit so videos will start to be uploaded with much higher quality. Most of the League of Legends matches gameplay only videos however might not improve much videos that require no editing or remuxing are simply uploaded in their native .TS format since YouTube does an excellent job of converting them to MP4 since .TS is just about essentially the same thing. So anyway if you read through all my blabber please sign up for our mailing list found on the right side of the page, and don’t forget to comment on what you would like to see here on this page or on our YouTube channel. Commentaries will come in the near future till than the gameplay videos will still continue to be uploaded on a regular basis.

YouTube Game Channel


Dengan + YouTube = Epic

Well I decided I would start up the Dengan YouTube Channel yesterday after getting my pass-through recorder. I will be doing “lets play” series. Gameplay only with no commentary videos, and commentary videos, and game reviews. Pretty much everything you would expect from a good YouTube channel. I will be uploading all videos in high quality with the ability to view them in 1080P. To give you an idea I will be attempting to record all videos at a rate of 14MBPS either constant or variable. I will be using external hardware to record the videos to give you all the best possible experience when viewing my videos IE no lag due to me recording and playing on the same computer. I currently have my spare laptop doing all the recording from my main computer this is a major plus as I can do whatever I like on my main computer without recording anything effecting my computer.

Let me know what you guys think of all this and let me know if you guys enjoy my videos! :)

As of this post the current games I will be covering is a mile long. Refer over to and look under the “Game Reviews” tab to see a full list of games I am likely to cover which is basically everything you could think of under the sun. Currently I’m covering Titanfall (PC) and League of Legends. I’ll be also covering a few other games and some great classics. I’ve not seen a whole lot of SWAT 2 gameplay videos and surely not a whole lot of Battle Engine Aquila videos. If you would like to cover a game right now at this moment please comment on this post and I’ll do my best to try and acquire, or purchase the said game a do a written and video review or gameplay video of it and have it posted here and or at

Police Quest SWAT 2

Police Quest Swat 2

Police Quest SWAT 2

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If you have ever watched the news and seen something pretty violent going on you probably wish you had a weapon a team and some gear, and that you could be their to stop such madness. Well in Police Quest SWAT 2 you can. The game plays from a top down angled view much like the Diablo game series. This is not a take turn type strategy game, so you have to be very diligent in the way you execute your missions. I first played the game on Windows 98SE and loved it. You start on a training mission going through learning how to use your team than your thrown right into the action. The scenarios are very real like likely scenarios and you have to attempt to execute them quickly before things escalate too far or meet the demands (if their are any) of the law breakers at hand. Police Quest Swat 2 Screenshot
You get to use some really cool equipment, can call in reinforcements and get to choose from what feels like an endless list of SWAT agents to put on your team for any given mission. One interesting thing about this game is the sheer amount of detail that was put into it especially for it’s time. Each SWAT member face a unique real life photo attached to their profile just like a real information file you would pull on someone. The weapons gear, and tactics you use are accurate to real SWAT standards.

 This video shows some gameplay, and what you come across in missions. This particular mission a women’s husband overdosed on his medication got violent shot her, and is holding the baby hostage.

SWAT 2 Gameplay (Mission 3)

The key to this game is keeping your cool, and going slowly to make sure you execute the mission well. Back in the day when I was much younger I will admit I did not do the best at this game as it really throws some killer stuff at you. You have a budget and earn money for how well you do on each mission, with a voiced debrief.

The game lets you also play as an extremist group called the Five Eyes. They can recruit members from hostages, and you start out with little resources and have to work your way up. Your opposition is of course SWAT. I consider the Five Eyes campaign much harder than the main SWAT 2 campaign itself.

Five Eyes Gameplay (Mission 1)

The game overall is pretty awesome and worth checking out. It is quite an aged game so you might have a difficult time with compatibility, but probably not much. A physical copy of the game is a must have for anyone who wants to add to their collection of classic PC game titles. Let us know how you feel about this nostalgic game and if you thought it was any good, really hard, or what your thoughts are on how the quality of games has changed or anything really.

Gun Metal (PC)

Gun Metal (PC)


Gun Metal a fast paced transforming robotic third person shooter.

Gun Metal came out in 2002 on the Xbox and later in 2003 had a PC release. Since everyone owns a PC and not everyone owns an Xbox I’ll be talking about the game from my experience with the PC version of Gun Metal. The game just like Battle Engine Aquila has you playing as a mechanical transforming robot allowing you to traverse land, air, and to an extent the sea. Both games feature large landscapes with friendly blue units your guys vs the bad guys the red units. In Gun Metal though you the action is a lot more fast paced in my opinion and the action is more intense in it’s own way. Nothing beats fighting on the ground when suddenly bombers show up to take out the nearby civilian populace so you switch to jet mode fly on top the bomb and blast it to kingdom come with the rewarding experience of watching it crash and burn. You feel more alone in your battles you fight in Gun Metal than you do in Battle Engine Aquila, but non the less you still have allies on your side to help fight the battles that otherwise without your help would of surely been lost.

The game itself feels kind of short lived or at least feels like it should be continued in my opinion. I would like to see second release in the Gun Metal series, but sadly no one has taken initiative to create one. The closest thing to it is Mech Warrior and Battle Engine Aquila.

Gunmetal Screenshot

The game is surprisingly still sold online, but of course if your even remotely resourceful can grab a copy for free. If you would like to support the developers and add to your physical game collection you can grab a copy of it off Amazon for pretty cheap these days.

PC Buy Link – Amazon


Xbox Buy Link – Amazon

Gunmetal Xbox

Let us know what you thought of this game and how you think it stood up to Battle Engine Aquila and Mech Warrior back in the day of Xbox.

Killzone Shadow Fall

Killzone 4 AKA Killzone Shadow Fall


Killzone Shadow Fall Story Summary

Killzone Shadow Fall or simply Killzone 4 is speculated to be one of the best Killzone games to date. The graphics aren’t half bad either. Pretty much your sharing a world by your previous enemy. The ISA allowed the Helghast refuge on planet Vekta. Things go wrong considering both sides still have grievances towards one another and war breaks out yet again. The story itself is your’s to discover as we heavy discourage spoilers and hate it ourselves when we come across an article that does not state the spoilers exist. Before you know it you already found out the ending of the most played game.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Comments

Killzone Shadow Fall is a PS4 game which which does not fall short with intense combat, an engaging story, and great multiplayer. The game scored a modest 73 on Metacritic from the major companies, and at the time of this writing a 7.2 out of ten from user reviews. Regardless of what people may say it is a very fun game, has a good campaign and the multiplayer is awesome. The multiplayer is not exactly like COD where face to face combat is extremely short lived rather than extended. At time you will find yourself taking cover having an extended firefight with the enemy which is a plus in my opinion. To be more precise though it is not like battlefield where extended engagements can last for awhile  or COD where the engagements are too short lived, but a mix of the two really. Killzone does a really good job of executing the game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and other game modes like CTF (Capture The Flag), and search and destroy type variants.  If your bad at FPS games you really might dislike this game finding yourself spawning and being suppressed right away and not knowing how to handle the situation as a more experienced FPS player such as myself. Something unique is  teleportation, and the abilities you are capable of using as compared to other FPS games. It is similar to FarCry multiplayer, and is in summary awesome. If you like multiplayer shooters this one Killzone Shadow Fall is definitively one you should play.

Where to buy?

You can pickup Killzone Shadow Fall at your local GameStop, eBay, or of course my personal favorite Amazon. On Amazon at the time of this writing the game is running for $49.99 which is an awesome deal for a PS4 game.

KillZone4 Screenshot

Battle Engine Aquila

Battle Engine Aquila

Massive War Game

Battle Engine Aquila

Of all the games I ever played back in the day BEA takes the cake. This game captivated me brought me into a world of war (which is always cool in games). The first thing that got my attention was the massive scale of the battles while heavily scripted they really make you feel like your fighting for the good of your people.  Having to fight hundreds upon hundreds of units with your battle engine you feel like a powerful war lord but your not alone. You have also hundreds upon hundreds of units on your side to help fight the battle on land, air, and sea. Beach assaults, base defense, boss battles this game has everything I enjoy I in a great massive battle war game. The types of units you will encounter vary greatly, some are weaker some are stronger, but you can usually bet they will be in numbers and if your not careful you will find yourself in a pinch in a hurry. I really do hope a sequel comes out one day but it is not likely due to the fact the original team is no longer together and creating a community sequel could have issues with using the same. Regardless I’ve thought about heading the project myself in the future as I gather more knowledge in various programs such as Unity 3D, Cinema 4D, and Photoshop. These three programs together can create great games. Time to get back on track the game once you complete is actually not over. Just like in Starfox when you defeat the boss at the end without doing any of the secret paths you don’t really win, but instead will be left with a feeling of what did I miss? Their are alternative endings for the game, and other bosses to fight to truly beat your enemy. These alternative missions usually require you to complete a mission with a certain rank usually S it is very clear though by looking through the mission log since you can reply missions that you have missed something because sometimes a mission will have two possible outcomes. Choosing to not do the alternative missions means yes you win and feel like you beat the game but you really did not so get back to it soldier! Battle Engine Aquila will and has always earned a place on my shelf and must have’s and must play’s.

Battle Engine Aquila PreviewIf you would like to purchase battle engine aquila it does not cost much as is available on Amazon for cheap.