Gameplay Videos Galore!

So here at Dengan I David Prentice have been posting a lot of League of Legends gameplay videos on our YouTube channel. While I feel absolutely great that the views are surely but slowly coming I feel like I can do better. I’ve recently mastered the art of rendering my videos to MP4 without so much of a performance hit so videos will start to be uploaded with much higher quality. Most of the League of Legends matches gameplay only videos however might not improve much videos that require no editing or remuxing are simply uploaded in their native .TS format since YouTube does an excellent job of converting them to MP4 since .TS is just about essentially the same thing. So anyway if you read through all my blabber please sign up for our mailing list found on the right side of the page, and don’t forget to comment on what you would like to see here on this page or on our YouTube channel. Commentaries will come in the near future till than the gameplay videos will still continue to be uploaded on a regular basis.

Finished the new outro template for Dengan Gaming

Well finally finished the outro template. Videos uploaded to youtube should start becoming higher quality. By this I mean commentary, introductions, outroductions, and more edited videos. This however does not mean I will stop uploading gameplay only videos.

YouTube Channel

I saved this as a JPEG just for the blog so no one can steal this.

Outro Screenshot
Well this is what I came up with I think it looks good what are your thoughts guys?


YouTube Game Channel


Dengan + YouTube = Epic

Well I decided I would start up the Dengan YouTube Channel yesterday after getting my pass-through recorder. I will be doing “lets play” series. Gameplay only with no commentary videos, and commentary videos, and game reviews. Pretty much everything you would expect from a good YouTube channel. I will be uploading all videos in high quality with the ability to view them in 1080P. To give you an idea I will be attempting to record all videos at a rate of 14MBPS either constant or variable. I will be using external hardware to record the videos to give you all the best possible experience when viewing my videos IE no lag due to me recording and playing on the same computer. I currently have my spare laptop doing all the recording from my main computer this is a major plus as I can do whatever I like on my main computer without recording anything effecting my computer.

Let me know what you guys think of all this and let me know if you guys enjoy my videos! :)

As of this post the current games I will be covering is a mile long. Refer over to and look under the “Game Reviews” tab to see a full list of games I am likely to cover which is basically everything you could think of under the sun. Currently I’m covering Titanfall (PC) and League of Legends. I’ll be also covering a few other games and some great classics. I’ve not seen a whole lot of SWAT 2 gameplay videos and surely not a whole lot of Battle Engine Aquila videos. If you would like to cover a game right now at this moment please comment on this post and I’ll do my best to try and acquire, or purchase the said game a do a written and video review or gameplay video of it and have it posted here and or at